Pre-NAB Valley of Fire Time lapse Photography Field Trip

Event date: April 10, 2015

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


I'm very excited to share that I will be leading a pre-NAB Time lapse Field Trip to Valley of Fire State Park on Friday, April 10th along with Richard Harrington.

During this field trip you'll be able to capture dusk and the night sky like you've never seen it before! Get to Vegas early and join us for 2015's coolest field trip. On Friday, April 10th, Rich and I will take a group of 40 attendees out to beautiful Valley of Fire State Park for a crash course in time-lapse video and panoramic photography. You'll capture sun down in the desert, and then stay up past your bedtime to shoot the Milky Way in all of its dazzling glory. Meals and transportation are included, so grab your camera and prepare for adventure!

For more information visit:

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